2015 “Back to the Future” 30 Years Anniversary Tribute Tacoma

October 18, 2015

Both Marty and Doc Brown to Appear at BTTF 30th Anniversary Celebration

Oh yes… Time is flying (not only the Delorean) The first movie was released in 1985, that’s 30 years ago. Man, can’t believe it it seems like it was yesterday.

Toyota Planning “Back to the Future” Tribute Tacoma

Marty McFly’s dream truck in the 1985 classic film Back to the Future was a gorgeous, all-black Toyota Pickup 4×4. It was the truck that first set the hearts of many a truck guy on fire, and it’s impossible to discuss awesome 1980s pickups without acknowledging the ride that got McFly and his girl to the lake for their camping trip (or at least would have, if Doc Brown hadn’t interrupted them to enlist their help in fixing the future).

1984 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Back To The Future

In recognition of the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future (October 21, 2015, if you haven’t seen the movie), Toyota will give BTTF and Tacoma fans a treat in the way of a brand-new tribute truck. Dreams of a slightly lifted black-on-black-on-black 2016 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab 4×4 will be tormenting us until we get to see the truck on the day of the anniversary. [UPDATE: Check out this hilarious ad for the vehicle, offered to you by Statler Toyota!]

Toyota is bringing two of the movie’s characters back together again as well, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Marty and the Doc appear in a new YouTube video wherein they discuss what predictions the movie made and how accurate those predictions were. In tomorrow’s video, we’ll get a clue as to where Toyota will show off its new BTTF tribute truck.
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1985 Toyota Pickup Front Three Quarter 02

030 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road Driver Side Front View

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