Who’s Got the Best Off-Road HD Truck? Ford Tremor vs. Ram Power Wagon Off-Road Drag Race!

The Ford has a ton of torque, but the Ram is significantly lighter.

TRAVIS: These are two of the baddest, heavy-duty off-road pickup trucks money can buy. That is the Ford F-250 Super
Duty with the Tremor package. And this is the Ram 2500 Power Wagon. Now we’ve already done a  full comparison of the two, off-road and on, so check
out that video if you want all the little details, but this one is about the bragging rights.

And we’ve already tested both of these trucks at our test track. And the Ford did the quarter-mile in 15.1 seconds, but the Ram did it
in 16.1 seconds. That was on pavement. Now we’re going to
see how they do off. TRAVIS: Well it’s
really warm out here. I’m starting to sweat. And my feet are getting hot. Let’s go. SPEAKER 1: All right, who do
you think is going to win? RYAN: Oh, there’s no question
the Ford is going to win. It’s just got too much torque.


And once those turbos kick in, there’s nothing the Ram
can do about that. TRAVIS: This truck is lighter. I’m hoping that will
help on this stuff. And I have a few
tricks up my sleeve, keeping my fingers crossed
that the Ram will win.

RYAN: That Power Wagon has a lot of torque, but this thing has 1,050
pound-feet of torque. I don’t know what tricks
Travis has up his sleeve, but I don’t think it’s going
to be enough to overcome that difference. TRAVIS: That Ford
has a big advantage. It’s got 1,050
pound-feet of torque. We heard all about it
in the comparison video. But I’m hoping I can
do two things to put me across the finish line first. First thing is, shifting
from 4 High into 2 High after the launch. I don’t know if Ryan’s
going to do that, but I know I don’t need all
the traction after I get off the line. And the second thing
I’m hoping gives me the advantage is that
this truck is way lighter. It’s significantly
lighter, especially because that truck has
the big diesel upfront.

I don’t know if it’ll be enough. I’m going to keep
my fingers crossed. We’ll see what happens.

RYAN: The thing with the Tremor is, it excels at towing big heavy loads. And all the things that
make it good at that, are going to give it
an advantage here. It’s really sturdy. It’s got a ton of power. It’s got big turbochargers that
just go like a freight train. Since we’re just going
in a straight line, on a relatively smooth
surface, I don’t think there’s going to be any
trouble putting the power down. And I don’t think
there’s going to be any trouble putting that thing in the rearview mirror either.

SPEAKER 1: All right, guys. Are you ready? TRAVIS: I am ready to go. RYAN: Whoops. Almost forgot my racing gloves. TRAVIS: So Ryan,
you ready to lose? RYAN: Hey man, whatever happens, I’m sure somebody thinks that truck is cooler.


TRAVIS: I mean, you admitted it was cooler. And not only that, but you’re
going to have to win by a lot if you win. To justify the $17,000 price
difference between the two of these trucks. That’s a lot of money and
upgrades and performance. RYAN: Really putting a lot
of pressure on the word “if” there, buddy. TRAVIS: All right. All right. We’ll see who ends up at
the finish lines first. Turn the AC off. RYAN: I’m going to
turn off the AC. So it is definitely
100 degrees outside, and probably a lot more. So hot that my car
reads 133 degrees. Just to guarantee there’s
no funny business out here, the Tremor gets where
it’s supposed to go, which is the first place. SPEAKER 1: All right. 3, 2, 1, go!

TRAVIS: It’s too high now. I got ahead of him and
I got a better launch. Oh, those turbos
are building up. Going through a dust thing tornado. It’s just sad. It is just sad. There’s no catching up.

I don’t care how light this truck is. Oh, man. Well, trust me. That’s the end of that.

RYAN: Wooo. Pretty easy win.

TRAVIS: I am going to hear about
this for a long, long time. RYAN: And air back on. Ahh. TRAVIS: And now we can
call it the walk of shame. RYAN: Ahh. I deserve that air. I earned it. TRAVIS: All right. You got lucky that time. RYAN: I will take luck. And I will also take 1,050
pound-feet of torque. TRAVIS: I was talking a
big game before the race, but I really do wish
that Ram made this truck available with their diesel. Because it also has 1,000
pound-feet of torque, and it’d be so much
closer that way. RYAN: Yeah, your Hemi versus
my 7.3 gas would be great. And diesel versus diesel
would be great also. TRAVIS: Are you now previewing
our next drag race video, Ryan? RYAN: Hey, I’m in
if you are, man. TRAVIS: Sure thing. It’s just goofy and
hilarious and fun.

And why not?

TRAVIS: All right, Ryan. I am done letting you win. I took all the
weight out of my car. It’s now less heavy than yours. RYAN: Oh finally, a fair fight. All right. Let’s go. You also have that
racing stripe, so I’m getting pretty worried. TRAVIS: Oh yeah. My stickers are way
bigger than yours. That’s got to add
some horsepower. SPEAKER 1: All right, guys. Are you ready? TRAVIS: This just
going to go poorly. RYAN: Ready to go. SPEAKER 1: All
right, 3, 2, 1, go! TRAVIS: Oh! Shifting into two-high. I always get him on the launch. RYAN: OK. Now power down. I got him going a little. TRAVIS: Your 30 is better. Oh, he’s building up both. RYAN: And now, full power. And that’s it. That’s that. TRAVIS: There’s nothing I can do.

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My foot is to the floor. RYAN: Bye, Travis. TRAVIS: Agggh. It is so heartbreaking. I’m still going
as fast as I can. This is really awesome. RYAN: That is a rush. TRAVIS: All right. We’re going to do
a third drag race. Because I like losing. RYAN: My wedding ring came
off in my racing glove. Sorry, honey. TRAVIS: Are you wearing
driving gloves, Ryan? RYAN: They are
racing truck gloves.

TRAVIS: That’s how he beat me. So that’s how you beat me. Cheater. RYAN: And I’ll do it again. SPEAKER 1: 3, 2, 1, go! RYAN: Beat me on
the launch again. It takes a while for all four
tires to get on the ground. TRAVIS: Oh, there
is nothing for it. He gets me every time. RYAN: It’s over. TRAVIS: I sit here and lose now. RYAN: Bye. TRAVIS: All right, Ryan. It looks like that is official. You win. RYAN: I’ll take it. And I will also take any
credit to my driving abilities. TRAVIS: Let’s just say, if I
had the Ram engine with 1,000 pound-feet of torque under
the hood of this truck, you would probably be
singing a different tune. RYAN: It’s definitely
worth a shot. For now, I’d say
this case is closed.

TRAVIS: I would say
it is category closed. RYAN: So the race went pretty
much exactly as expected. The Tremor, and especially
with its turbo diesel engine had no problem dusting
Travis and the Power Wagon. And I think what we
can learn from that is the Tremor is designed to
haul really heavy loads, really quickly. And if you don’t have
a load behind it, it’s going to go even faster. I would definitely brag
about owning a Power Wagon. That thing has proven itself
again and again out here. But true bragging rights,
I think no question, go to the Tremor. It’s got all the numbers. If you get the
turbo diesel engine, that is bragging
rights in itself.

And the name Tremor
just sounds cooler. Right, Kevin Bacon? TRAVIS: So the Ford was clearly
the winner of the drag race, on and off the road. And it’s almost
impossible to compete with 1,050 pound-feet
of torque, even if this truck is a couple hundred pounds lighter. I think that Ford
should be pointed out as super impressive. It can go from zero to
60 in seven seconds. That’s faster than most
mid-sized family sedans. And it weighs 8,000 pounds. And we harped on and on
in the comparison test about how much more expensive
it is, 17 grand more when you compare these
trucks as they’re equipped. But you don’t need all
that extra equipment. You can bring the price down
pretty far in the F-250.


Get rid of the panoramic
sunroof and the power deployable running boards and
massaging seats, and suddenly you’re getting
a truck that’s a lot closer to this Power Wagon. Still though, this
Power Wagon is the one I would want to
live with on a daily basis. It’s more comfortable and
it better suits my needs. I don’t own a 15,000-pound fifth wheel or a big trailer that I’m towing off-road. So this is the one I’d pick. There is, however,
an option I think that would be both of them.


And that’s if Ram were able to fit the diesel under the hood of this Power Wagon. Come on. Then we can do an
apples-to-apples test. Or maybe we’ll come back out here with a 7.3-liter version of the F-250 and race again. Who knows?

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