5 Reasons Why Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Brilliant

The Tesla Cybertruck Is Brilliant— This is Why:

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Tesla designed the Cybertruck product in November 2019. It’s a stainless steel, angular, all-electric pickup truck that rapidly became divisive.

Cybertruck is a game changer, and it’s certainly intended to be one of the greatest trucks on the market for commercial and consumer use in the near future. Watch as I explain why the Tesla Cybertruck is brilliant.

Tesla Cybertruck: Why Is Cybertruck Unique?

Here Are the Reasons Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Brilliant:

As with anything unfamiliar and novel, public opinion is often divided, but not on this Tesla masterstroke. The Cybertruck, whether you hate it or love it, is a game changer. It is going to be one of the best pickup trucks for business and personal use on the market in the near future.

Without further ado, here are the reasons why the Tesla Cybertruck is a brilliant idea:

1) The Cybertruck Experiment

Tesla Cybertruck has pushed several design boundaries in the vehicle business to the point that the formerly controversial idea has been recognized as the industry standard. This Cybertruck is so daring, outrageous, and polarizing that no vehicle business would dare to imitate it. In other words, the Tesla Cybertruck designs are too unique and reflect the company’s high standards.

Furthermore, Tesla combined several technologies into a single package. The stainless steel alloy utilized in Cybertruck is the same as that used in Musk’s sister company, SpaceX. The truck contains lithium-ion batteries, hardware, and software for self-driving, as well as the option of a solar roof to increase the vehicle’s range. According to Musk, the Cybertruck was created to be radical and out of the ordinary rather than to blend in.

2) Polarizing

Polarizing is one of Cybertruck’s benefits, and once completely implemented, it might be a tremendous step by the Tesla team. Tesla’s outrageous limit push with Cybertruck is going to alter the automotive sector. The goal is to disrupt the existing expectations in a new way to pave the road for a bright future, and polarizing is an excellent approach to doing it.

Polarizing allows the vehicle to haul more, pull more, launch faster, and go farther. It compares favorably in terms of distance traveled per tank at 500 range miles. The business market, particularly military clients, has been the primary consumer base. It may have outperformed the Rivian R1T electric truck.

The Cybertruck can reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, carry 3,500 pounds in its base form, and weigh approximately 7,500 pounds.

3) Exoskeleton

The Tesla Cybertruck has outer shells for passenger protection and maximum durability. In other words, it has a virtually impenetrable exoskeleton, and all components, from the ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel skin to the armored glass, are designed for enhanced endurance and strength.

4) Distinctive Characteristics

Musk’s Cybertruck concept was bold: create a truck that is faster than a Porsche 911 and stronger than an F-150. His main goal was to have a competitive advantage over two well-known products.

The appearance of the truck follows a single logic. It has a very flat design. It has no round edges and no smooth edges.

The exoskeleton of the vehicle consists of stainless steel plates used in SpaceX rockets. This saves a lot of money and keeps the building from needing to be painted. It also makes the building stronger.

5) Six adults can sit in the Cybertruck.

The truck’s built-in air compressor allows it to surpass other trucks on the market.

Furthermore, the truck’s massive battery pack is specifically designed for V2G use. As previously stated, the truck contains a 120- or 240-volt AC power socket that may power homes during blackouts.

In another vein, due to its size and weight, the truck may be less efficient than the electric passenger cars that are already available. However, it would outperform other non-electric trucks due to the inherent efficiency of electric vehicles and their aerodynamics.

The interior of the truck is spacious, with a 17-inch, distinctive central touchpad. 

Now, admittedly, the design seems weird at first, but it serves its purpose well.

Tesla pickup truck as seeen on Offroadsociety.com

Here are some early sketches we drew here at Offroadsociety.com, imagining that it would look somewhat like this.

Tesla pickup truck concept drawing by Offroadsociety.com


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