500cc Off-Road Go Kart 1st Drive


So we got it running now it’s time to get it driving which means a lot of things mainly controls but before that I’m going to go ahead and deal with this horrible pile of spaghetti here like I’m just going through and deleting all the unnecessary stuff like all of these are grounds that is a long one and all three it has three separate locations to go to grab it that’s that’s excessive wiring harness is considerably smaller and tidier than it was that pile that’s all from this harness it’s all the stuff.

I got rid of and it starts and runs should fire right up yeah she just wants to yeah she does this thing runs so strong excellent starting with an engine that works an electric start for boy yeah when I was in Moab kick-starting the jeep.

I kicked until I was blue in face okay that’s about ready to push it off in here is clip so after much thinking and debating and going through many stupid ideas we’ve come up with a good solution for the shifters or for all the controls so gas on the right brake on the left paddle shifters and on the so right side will be shifting up left side will be shifting down and the left side paddle will be split in two so the front half of it is the shifter and the back half is the clutch.

So you’ll be able to pull just the shifter with these two fingers just the clutch with these two or both at the same time that’s that’s what you want in life paddle shifters the only thing you could have this better as a turbo Camaro with paddle shifters weight don’t need any late to do this and just have one pushrod straight shot to the shifter so it’ll just push down to shift up and it’ll pull up to shift down which is actually the right way it needs to be for the side that it’s on because if you pull on this lever it pulls up on this which is shifting down you know pushing on the other side will do the exact opposite.

Today’s an exciting day because today is paddle shifter day I’m gonna start by obviously making a cardboard template of the shape that I want the paddle thing to be look at that kind of roughed in and then make it out of steel and my pivot point and go from there their souls pass through the morning fog for the purpose of finding one thing by feeling you get when you suddenly know everything we’re getting somewhere I made this plate that looks like maybe like maybe a weapon or a big Batarang anyway.

Also I accidentally made some sunglasses diamond-plated – I’m in plate sunglass yeah so this is kind of rough outline obviously it can’t just be around the steering wheel as one piece but this happens to be two pieces anyway for the shifter and clutch so it’ll basically cut here and through there and then that way you can go around the steering wheel and follow the bolt all the way through the steering wheel here as a pivot or something like that well it’s a really good thing we properly enjoyed the rally track yesterday first snow so stoked time to get some tracks for the Odyssey.

I’ve got the central pivot part welded into the steering column here and bolt through it there I’m gonna just put the clutch on hold from it and work on the shifter so first thing I need is a rod to go here to push it back and forth and then I can figure out how far it needs to move to shift as I said a second ago hole loudly proclaimed I am incredibly stupid look at this it’s beautiful it works great.

If you didn’t have to steer now if the hot goings have a little bit more swivel to them as impossible I mean I will keep experimenting because there’s a chance that sounds like it’s working huh yeah so I may be incredibly stupid but I’m also incredibly lucky because if I thought about this enough to realize that turning was a problem I wouldn’t have done it but I did it anyway and because this has such an incredibly small amount of steering angle on the wheel.

It works that’s full lock to the right and you can still sort of shift it binds up a little bit but you’re not gonna need to shift it full walk very often and you could in a pinch it’s gonna be the easiest most solid way to shift that we’ve ever done oh yeah super easy like finding neutral is always a pain because it’s between first and second this is gonna be way easier you can feel it you know with your fingertips.

We’ll have to have a slice through the constantly go about up to there through the tack which sucks but it’ll be worth it a lot of you been worried that we’ve given up on the triumph we haven’t as you can see we were working on it today it’s just being very stubborn and not wanting to run right so we will get back to it we’re not giving up now I just have to make the clutch part of it which I’ve already got the lever.

I just have to tack it onto its sleeves there and then figure out where the cable goes here’s the cable so it will come up somewhere like that so we are officially going to be at SEMA we’re going to go power sports and cars and cameras so we’ll be able to go power sports booth there and we’ve got the Camaro getting pedals today yeah so last night I finished the paddle shifter which you know miraculously works with its push rod design.

And then I finished the clutch as well so it’s time for rear brakes well the only breaks on the Camaro and we have plans for this bike but those plans don’t include this rear brake all right so got this bracket done it took a while but it’s a super minimal super lightweight and more importantly it works and Cinderella’s getting some SEMA prep too we got that new radiator in here just got it from another quad on eBay so that is not gonna leak already a huge improvement drilled some holes back here.

And Sam’s got the front i-beam off to paint them up look nice and pretty for SEMA they mostly survived Moab so we think they can survive the back yard for a little longer and you can see where I was hammering on it to get it straightened a bit while I was still in Moab driving it we tack weld it to the welding bench this morning and straighten it out and it’s close enough so I think I just made these smallest brackets I’ve ever made yep that’s a tiny we have brace very complicated but very effective brakes got some holes punched.

Now it’s time to put it the piranhas and dimple them got the break all finished up last night it feels really nice it’s all bled now I just have to basically do the same thing for the throttle the gas pedal came together much quicker than the brake pedal and it’s got this sweet little twist lock I mean that was that was the original from the ATV so I just made a steel bracket slips down in there twists it’s nice and snug and then this just that’s a little hot still slips in there that goes in right here and that’s a gas pedal.

I’ll just do some quick welds here and practice my TIG welding since it’s all set up for that and then we should be ready for a test ride but here’s the throttle it’s very simple but quite effective it’s just a scrap of stainless I had to go with the stainless paddle but works out pretty well yeah I mean it doesn’t run like I mean like it doesn’t want to have super great but that’s probably because it’s got one foot long headers no air filter and man it looks so good on the ground it really does lift it up on his monster tail.

I love the way I think it looks way better on these tires yep than the first shirt we’ll have to get a body and modify it to fit the dirt tires oh yeah the reinforcements it’s a minor thing but those control arms cannot handle the power it’s actually not the suspension that reel into the controller it was the power yeah that’s crazy it’s superb in like two seconds yep and that side is totally straight because that side doesn’t have the torque so yeah major reinforcements are in order which sucks because we have two days before SEMA Shh in the meantime that was fun.

I’ve had ridiculously fast yeah it was a gripping like nobody’s business too even on the leaves that was only second gear Wow these tires definitely grip yeah it handles pretty well it’s really hard to say with the minimal time I had on it but yeah well we broke it yeah it wouldn’t be a proper test session if you didn’t break something yep…

I bet none of you guys saw that coming yeah everyone’s shocked yeah the controls are great although it takes me a while to get used to him because not because they’re bizarre because they’re so normal.

I’m so used to the Jeep and using its controls I was like wait what do I do where’s the brake all right where a brake should be yeah how’s shifting shifting is pretty good yeah I wanted to get a shot like right here with the GoPro but next time it’s not like there’s a lot of shifting going on it’s super super fast were you in second when you’re coming down the driveway Wow yeah it’s silly fast awesome well!


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