What Happens When You Mashup a Jeep Wrangler JK + TJ + CJ? Answer: Jeep CJ66 SEMA Concept

Jeep CJ66 SEMA Concept

I got to tell you I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for any CJ okay especially the five and the six okay but always underpowered right that’s been one of the issues so you guys have fixed that problem that yeah it will not be a problem with this guy yeah so this is CJ 66 started out is a CJ six body. The frame underneath is actually from a TJ okay and then we’ve crafted on some of the more modern parts off of our JK for our G performance cattle it’s a true Frankenstein. It is what we like to call the hyper yeah, a little bit of everything yeah but what’s really cool is under the hood is our new crate Hemi kit so we’ve now through Mopar and G performance parts you can get a full OM spec wiring harness controller. Everything you need to drop a modern electronically fuel-injected engine into your classic car well complete plug-and-play 383 horse powers. What this guy’s got now so underpowered not a problem anymore and how hard is it to convert a CJ six – I mean you’re talking about a CG six body a TJ chassis and a modern I mean that seems like a lot of engineering woman yeah shade tree mechanic. This was not a simple build uh you know in addition to all the meeting you had to do for the different body styles and the frames just to get the cooling system to fit we actually had to extend the body.

I think was about two inches so I mean there was a lot of cutting and grafting but other than that after we got room for the cooling system the engine just went right in and with with the new system that we have the controller and everything it’s power ground fuel a couple other wires and you’re ready to go how about the color tell me about this is really beautiful yeah I actually don’t recall the name that they called it but it’s it’s a coppery color and it is just beautiful and of course the headline correct we’re missing you’ve got the wind you got…

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2w7NABFgNs

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