Smittybilt XRC Gen3 Winch Testing by Diesel Brothers

Smittybilt XRC Gen3 Winch Testing

All right guys, listen to the Diesel Brothers.  Smittybilt just came out with a brand-new winch that they’re really excited about it’s the XR c Gen, 3 12,000 pound winch.

Now Smittybilt is known for building great products, but we have a hard time fully putting you know. we work behind a product until we test it out, but they tell me this thing is twelve percent faster. It’s got forced gears, it is water-resistant.

It’s got a seven-horsepower motor Laura amp drop. Super cool handle with the flashlight built into it, but now we’re going to see take that nifty handle he’s going to attach that Smittybilt belt winch does that crane, and take his Ford Raptor up the side of that building.

Are you crazy, literally our brand-new truck, nothing holding it, but the winch I’m putting our money where our mouth is and if it doesn’t work Smittybilt? Let’s hope you put your money where your mouth is. He goes up the side of the building. Here you get excited right, correct she laughs.

There you have it. We literally just pulled our six thousand pounds brand-new Ford Raptor up the side of a building vertical completely dead weight with the Smittybilt 12,000-pound ocean at least show you. The truck is still dangling just from the winch and the winch line.

There are no safety lines attached. That’s legit again that watch. It even still wants the pole. So there you have it guys. That’s how good this 12,000-pound Smittybilt winch works, and that’s why we’re putting one on Colossus, as you can see, that winch had no problem pulling our board rafter beside this building completely vertical.

That’s why we’re going to stick it from the front bumper of Colossus? We don’t want some big bulky aftermarket bumper, but something clean, sleek and strong, which is what Colossus XRC gen3 is all about.

So what do you think about it?
Pretty strong!

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