Mitsubishi Triton vs Nissan Navara and Mazda BT-50

2015 Pick-Up Bestsellers Comparison in Australia

The New Toyota Revo and New Ford ranger have just been released and we’ll come back soon with test drive videos . But for now let’s focus on Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi Utes.
The result of this comparison really comes down to personal needs and, let’s face it, personal taste. The latter point is made because neither the Triton nor the BT-50 are about to be universally applauded for their looks.

In a of sum-of-the-parts comparison such as this, there are some key stand-outs.

The Navara might be the softest, most efficient and stylish of the bunch, but it lacks ability in carrying out the hard tasks, simply because its coil-spring rear struggles under weight, and the steering and driving dynamics require finessing. It is also expensive.

The BT-50’s tried and tested formula, while still current, is beginning to date a little. Its lofty purchase price, unforgiving ride, aging interior and lack of technology are all noted negatives.
That leaves the Mitsubishi, which is neither the hardiest nor the most impressive in headline numbers.  Instead it sits somewhere in between; a vehicle that can carry out the hard tasks, yet be comfortable and durable enough for all of life’s other adventures.

That it does so while being thousands of dollars cheaper than its competitors seals the deal – at least until updated vehicles from Mazda hit the scene before year’s end.

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