SHERP vs Mega Trucks as seen on OffroadSociety

This SHERP is Unstoppable at Trucks Gone Wild Event

SHERP Mega Trucks Impossible Bounty Hole The Sherp is a full-scale amphibious all-terrain vehicle; it is able to use the land as well as water for propulsion and The Sherp ATV has a wide range of features…

650 HP Camaro Monster Truck

The Insane 650HP LS Powered Monster Truck Chevy Camaro Build

While this is definitely something different, it’s the Mud That’s what it’s called mud marrow yep so for the honky Tonk, whichever one you want to call We found this amazing video on Youtube Hoonigan Autofocus: First of…

mud goes wild

When Mud Goes Wild – 4×4 Off-Road Crazy Festivals

A best of mud, I let you Beer is great, but advised to be consumed after the But of course the main topic is definitely enjoying mud!

michigan mudjam 2015 best of fre

Michigan MudJam 2015 Best Of Freestyle

Trucks Gone Wild at Michigan Mud Jam 2015 Michigan MudJam started with 2013 edition with Trucks Gone Wild and it was a hit! With the help of a lot of important people, Michigan Mud Jam was the biggest mud bog…