Off-road Camper Trailers – 2022 Top 5 Coolest Ones

There’s something for everyone. However, it is necessary to know what you’re looking for

Expertly, designed with both road appeal and performance in mind. Off-Road campers are more popular than ever. If you love gear and have plenty of it overnight, adventures by car offer lots of freedom and with an Off-Road, capable camper trailer, There’s almost no limit to where you can go. The versatility of an Off-Road camper trailer allows you to set up camp disconnect and still have a vehicle for the day-to-day adventures, allowing you to return to base camp with cold drinks and a cozy cabin waiting, durable suspension. A strong chassis and all-terrain tires are just a few of the areas in which these ultra-tough trailers excel when it comes to Off-Road trailers and tough luxury.

Do you need a comfortable trailer that can brave all the elements, or do you lean more toward a cheaper stripped-down trailer that allows you to customize your own experience for those who traverse rugged terrain by day and sleep under the stars. At night we present the best Off-Road camper trailers.

We’re gonna. Do a quick run-through on some of the exciting changes we have for the 2021 Boris xt. We are gonna. Keep it brief today, uh. It is below zero right now, but keep an eye out for the full walkthrough video coming out shortly.

One of the most notable changes we did was a full chassis redesign and what that allowed us to do is combine all three of our models. Xt-80 and MXT into a single chassis. So now everyone gets a two-inch receiver upfront for bikes, dirt bikes and the spare tires move back to the side. One of the brand partnerships that we’re really looking forward to in 2021 is, with cruise master out of Australia. They’ve, been building Off-Road, trailer components for over 40 years and built some really high-end stuff.

One of those components is the hitch coupler we’re running their do-35. Truly one of the easiest and most rugged multi-access hitch couplers on the market and on top of all that the hitch coupler will come standard with the parking brake. Another amazing company that we’re looking forward to working with is turn overland and their series of wild land doors. These are truly high quality and also high security, which we really like they’re all going to come standard here with a stainless steel screen window and another feature that I really like about it here. Have your first latch, but you also have the second one that sucks that door in making sure everything is sealed and watertight.

The real crown jewel of our 2021 upgrades is the cruise master, crs2 suspension, we’re running the dual shock and coils on ours, and we have been truly impressed with the increased ride, quality, and compared to our prior swing arm suspension. And we are also the first manufacturer in north America to be installing these on their campers. Last but not least, for 2021 we’ve upgraded from a 20-gallon water tank to a 30 gallon. When it comes time to leave the road you want to be ready to roll with the best most durable equipment, an Off-Road warrior can own introducing shut industries, xventure severe-duty trailers. Nothing else on the consumer market even comes close to the quality, strength, durability and world-class performance that you’ll find in one of our trailers.

Here’s why xventure chassis is the same design. We use on our light tactical military line of trailers. Our adventure trailers were taken through rigorous testing at the us army’s Aberdeen proving ground in Maryland, subjected to unbelievable levels of stress, and you know what we pass: those tough military-grade tests. How did we do that? Virtually all other consumer trailers on the market today are welded together using one to two inch: steel tubing, not ours.

We use a two and a half by three and a half-inch walled, aluminum tubing. That’s one-quarter inch thick. We assemble our trailers using the revolutionary Huck bolt system from Alcoa. That means each individual fastener provides 5 000 pounds of bonding strength, and we use more than 300 Huck bolts in our chassis assembly. Your trailer will be substantially more resistant to vibration and flex fatigue than a trailer with a welded assembly.

Additionally, you’ll know your trailer will look good for years to come, because our structure is finished, with an ultra-durable polyuria Linex coating regarded as one of the most scratch and chip-resistant finishes available. Today, xventure’s chassis comes with a 10-year warranty to be free from failure caused by manufacturers. Defects and we’ve never had a chassis fail, but we know you’re not just looking for great performance. You want cool features too use the chef’s galley table to cook up the catch of the day, gourmet style, a hard rolling tonneau cover protects your gear from the elements the x-venture trailer includes ultra-bright, led lights and can be equipped with an auxiliary cargo bed. Rack and underbody lighting for up to 360 degrees of lighting coverage, our armor-plated food grade water tank carries 22 gallons and includes a water heater and the xventure’s utility cabinet, which is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and coated inside and out makes it extremely resistant to scratching or surface wear and protects your most sensitive cargo.

This compartment also houses the trailer power control center and comes ready for an easy installation of the most popular deep cycle: batteries, inverters, and rv style portable power systems without the need for custom, wiring modifications, the best part you get to choose the trailer model that works best for your adventures, the xv2 takes things to the next level, with an elevating rack system that lets. You equip your trailer with a rooftop tin, while still letting you use the entire cargo bed for larger items like your ATVs and motorbikes. Our new, smaller xv3 is designed to be lightweight for today’s SUVs jeeps and toyotas with up to 1500 pound payload capacities. Yet the xv3 retains the maximum functionality and features you seek in an adventure, trailer xv flat deck. The xv flat deck is designed to be the ultimate toy, hauling trailer.

The brutal exp4 is a globally available Off-Road expedition, a trailer like no other offering the versatility to suit solo. Adventurers couples, families, the young at heart, commercial applications and extreme climates designed and engineered to excel. In undulating Off-Road terrain, the brutal exp4 has nearly tripled the adjustable suspension travel of other Off-Road trailers and provides the exp4 with performance, safety and control in levels. Never before seen.  with up to 37-inch tires fitted.

The exp-4 has class-leading ground clearance and can calibrate suspension height to suit both standard suvs or modified 4x4s. It also fits well within the width of tow vehicles and comfortably maintains contact with the ground on rutted Off-Road terrain. In extreme conditions. The brutal suspension can even be used to lean over 11 inches to counteract a steep side slope or avoid overhanging tree branches and 90 degrees. Angles are also achievable behind popular tow vehicles at the rear, a discreetly mounted recovery, the winch can be fitted and a roof-mounted.

Carbon fiber housing with two stages of filtration is designed to keep the cabin pressurized during dusty travel. On-Road performance is just as important to the brooder. So body, shape, and dimensions are aerodynamically assessed for maximum efficiency made out of closed-cell epoxy-bonded composite up to 60 millimeters thick. The exp4 is immensely strong and the most insulated trailer in its class. The body can also be made entirely out of carbon fiber camping has never been so easy.

The rear door provides instant shelter over the huge exp4 kitchen and with the press of a button, the kitchen is level and at your chosen height, There’s easy access to all areas and ample storage for both small and larger items. Along with the niceties of soft-close drawers and stainless steel latches throughout the kitchen also has design flexibility to accommodate a variety of fridges and cooktops from induction diesel or larger portable gas BBQs for cold climates or extra privacy. The rear hatch can be fully enclosed and walk-around coverage is also available with the electric awnings fitted on both sides. Plus privacy booths are also available with the exp4 built-in shower system and There’s dedicated storage for portable toilet systems inside the bedding area is a huge six-foot-wide and over seven-foot-long, sleep blissfully in hotel comfort, regardless of climatic conditions, internal fans, roof-mounted ventilation, Interior heating, and even air conditioning can be added. There’s convenient access to large storage areas throughout for all personal items, including hanging space for clothing, internal sleeping space is so abundant that shelves or bunks for young children can be added and for larger families.

A four-person rooftop tent can be fitted, allowing the exp4 to comfortably sleep. A family of six or more two large storage locations are capable of holding bulky equipment safely in lockable locations. Truly versatile. The exp4 roof is entirely free for storage. It can be fitted with roof, racks, rooftop tents or even to accommodate a boat with dedicated racking systems available and best of all, even with items stored on the roof.

Solar panels remain free from obstruction. The exp4 represents brutal’s lifelong knowledge and passion for exploration. Not only is it the most capable and versatile Off-Road expedition trailer available, but also the quickest and easiest to camp with allowing clients all over the world to explore secluded and beautiful destinations away from the crowds with absolute ease.

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