This SHERP is Unstoppable at Trucks Gone Wild Event

SHERP VS. Mega Trucks Impossible Bounty Hole

The Sherp is a full-scale amphibious all-terrain vehicle; it is able to use the land as well as water for propulsion and power. The Sherp ATV has a wide range of features that make it the best choice for your adventure, all of the features are designed to assist you in your adventure. The Amphibious Sherp ATV has a very large and spacious cabin with room for up to 4 persons.

What is an Amphibious vehicle?

Amphibious vehicles are designed to be operated on land and in water; they usually have a front propeller and a rear propeller. The front propeller is fixed, while the rear propeller is a swivel with no steering wheel, this is to ensure maximum propulsion when it is being used in water. The rear propeller also swivels upwards and downwards to control the direction of the vehicle.

Other Features

The Sherp ATV is the most versatile amphibious all-terrain vehicle.

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