OMG!!! Ferrari F40 Drifting in Snow Up To Base Camp

March 31, 2016

Can’t believe they used a Ferrari F40 as an Off-Road in Snow… or a Rally Car…

I’m speechless… when you know that only 1311 F40 were produced in total…

The driver straps his luggage to the roof, and the bank of lights on the front provides plenty of illumination when the sun goes down. Slide a surf rock cassette into the player (remember the F40 is a product of the late ’80s), and it’s time to hit the road. Once the snow becomes an issue, the guy puts chains on the tires, and he enjoys some beautiful drifts up the mountain.

Ferrari likely never imagined that someone would drive an F40 up a ski slope to go camping. However, this clip shows the super-car can do that just as well as clicking off fast lap times around a track. We love seeing an F40 showing its amazing performance no matter what the environment.

Enjoy the video… and don’t forget to share!!!

It was made in Japan with a pro driver obviously…

via Autoblog Ferrari F40 in the snow

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