World premiere: Hymer Crossover ML-T 570 4×4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

The all-wheel drive motorhome.

Huemer crossover company four one world premiere here is in black silver-gray, with really many applications. 44 is written on it here. Four is also a Mercedes. Benz sprinter all-wheel drive does quite a stir. We’re in Sulzemoos near the state and turn today, this vehicle with diesel, heating, and real offroad characters fit plus the marine that is already off-road, dressed exactly that is running. Yes, that’s the way.

It is a bit like a star trek, and I now say that the vehicle dressed in gray and black comes exactly to the car up. Here. You can see a couple of bonds directly. You said the cow finger up here. I think that’s so maximum permissible.

What goes on its own? They said danger up here. The systems are built-in at a distance cruise control and cyclists with all the trimmings on, but they could no longer work and therefore in their own danger. So here in front, Hartmann, right now, correct, apparently built when I’m somehow on the road and needs really bright against almost one kilometer further in the desert to the example in Bavaria. Since the question where to go, the people drive the ground clearance unmistakable when the mattress holds your hand between so maybe two high one hand width above the other. So there you have a lot of ground clearance, I’ll say the whole thing.

The vehicle is just below completely free, underrun protection, look degree, the is dismantled. That was the whole time to see no toys, but I have it right: underrun protection, and yes, this is how the vehicle looks from the page from classic structure, and that is the edition model. Mlt 570 crossover model year 2021 on a 419 cdi with 190 hp weight variant here, 4.1 tons – and here we have even more equipment, he’s really full full full and he costs as it stands here. 122,000, 990 euro, with 19 percent value added tax of the equipment list.

Everything is included here. This heating solar system compressor refrigerator the all-wheel drive, of course, with gear reduction, checker plate floor outside shower and and and we look at the whole thing like that. It was meant for you that fresh again, but it is when you drive on red. The vehicle is suitable for ski vacation or bad roads, no matter where, I say you only need the right clothes. However, you are actually you were packed or actually yes, But still bitter then looks like this out of her drove crossover for you that’s the way it is a bit of the signaling, I’m going a little further back. We would do the whole car. This is how he looks like about the black school around Nestor.

In the specialty can also be done directly get on the roof. The whole thing is, but locked up here in front A completed ladder good. If you can, it would be a bit sporty now, anyway, you can do that. Will try. I dont like it.

You don’t want it were that exactly I don’t want now. I don’t have to. I do not want. That is the rear crossover that is. The signaling looks like this.

Please, water tank filling outside electricity connection, that’s what they are Alloy rims that one and then the trunk in the back Obligatory outside shower here in front. We still have a small luggage net in there and roses two pieces almost a bit closer. That means nowhere get on two bikes. I think, next to each other against just as pure, if the fineness is too nice. Even in front of it represents from the broad or sometimes go in, this time is still possible.

Actually, a nice one Storage options for ski boots for subjects deep subjects, so the area so gladly against falling out too. The protected topic was also the outlet from the diesel heating included. You can see that there is one three quarters position that you have ever. According to how much weight you can save would like well now with the variant. So let’s talk about the c1 driver’s license.

The old 3 series that you can find here in Sulzemoos was told to imitate. It can be done in a week for around 1500 euros. The rear of the crossover the signaling l, 570 4 x 4, the automotive headlights, die, rear section can also be used individually, repair items are always included, thereby the reversing camera the tire the awning was mounted on the stern. I already showed it in silver. So that same again on the left, then here comes the gas compartment that can maybe open it up.

That’S probably the manuals inside at least the hose for them emptying is not a gas compartment. Why? If this is what the vehicle can do, you then use the gas as a storage compartment very practical has a small one gas bottle. Probably they can us have a look right now. Meanwhile, on advising each in the case of diesel vehicles, there is knowledge.

You never know what’s behind it, that is Cassette, toilet climate affects and ford. Okay, that’s number 6 d. The diesel heating there, you can see, is a bit of outlet and that air intake of the electric blog of looks on top of a charger and underneath a storage compartment for dirty ones, stuff, probably on the rhine or not quite two lithium batteries that are inside And an agm battery go over the piece. Very briefly, I say I just have tears in the room. Are balance of storage systems led 300?

It says bos exclusively produced. The electrics are over for us times wondering if he even gas Has. Yes, let’s take a look at the front, but it could be that you can see that in some installations is then the little gas bottle somewhere else and me always briefly go. However, this becomes a hidden subject to have, so that’s our support again. For mr kartnig at least none not bad, maybe have on the other.

Just forget about who is not, I may be surprised, is really gas free the whole thing if it works it’s best to go purely. That is the level a bit higher. Of course, that is the best time open the door so entry, that’s the one car door. Actually, no problem that the step height that is also possible for Marlene. If you come out briefly magath the steps up is how to just you are 172, whether that’s okay with the height goes or the waste separation system.

Now has another one LED outdoor lighting fly screen. Now I’m curious how this is solved with the gas, otherwise well meet right away. The customer, of course, look here, the very blatant there has me gas heating for another. Five years can romp. You know this is what we never have seen.

These are these I cook right, so you can get me out directly from the Diesel tank on to boil takes a long time. That was an advantage. The whole car is completely gas free, for I look like an induction cooker. Yes, yes, but is it diesel, underneath? That is what it is called?

Then heating oil practically draws itself out and that the whole thing takes a tick longer. Yes, that is the maximum. I think it is a red lamp that almost confused people to turn it on, but you can you could just do that. No longer switch on don’t press on there exactly one more time at the dilemma activated now you can use the lamps. Turning on the switch may be that the foreign country is all clearly ahead, still lighting two pieces.

Also, the mats are what they could be like. Let’s get down under the front exactly two pieces, so that’s that now fall to try it out. Yes, sometimes to how it could work dacic, I don’t know if that’s just that works if similar to induction, if actually only one a pan or a pot on it. Yes, it covers an extended worktop in the lower area.

Then comes the drawers for cutlery, boxes and small ones, utensils below for again 15 kilograms of resilient items then continue. I would just fall down again, then, probably in the really big ones area. I don’t know if you can want to come again. I have something found. Yes, yes, but the diesel can do that too.

Heating says there is, but that seems just like Feldmann is doing what is now turning up over there and has to increase. Did you need not to press again on 3 so exciting put a finger on it? I don’t realize I would know that again. Maybe I can run mine. Imagine that the contract in diesel inside that could also be that here on emergency refueling, and that’s why he is That’s why the trend is also with an eye, of course, what it is doing.

Magath comes with the ignition key from the start, the mercedes and marlena, and we watch times guess just put it in we’ll. Do it the ignition on just look how much this is in there, because, yes, that makes me up. Private property are already twice drive, so the question is: how do you get? It is when you experience it right away automatic brake in the middle. We drive, don’t go away, we’ll just do it to the sun parking brake to release ignition a constant father.

You just have to press start step extended, says nadja. Has he presses so the protection level is extended. Let’S go a huge all here, step, [, Music, ] after work and then let’s say how a lot of fuel still kind of digital display most likely toggle. Where is the step, so that is, that means the diesel heating will be probably go too, but im, not he then senses it for the sheep. Follow can make up.

That would be for the diesel heating. There you have the bex system, even if a sheet is included and we’ll try. It right away occurs briefly on the button so that the radio or tribes from and with the move aste you come, then the display on it that’s already possible with the vision there and he really wants plus system information, great system, a good sound. The traffic sign recognition, more active brake assistant and an emergency brake assistant up here are this topic again, built in the whole again help the stove top nothing happens. I suspect that there so one has to an identifier, and it is actually only works if you that too looks like induction for me.

Well, it is definitely me am pretty sure this is diesel. Hob is good, but that also means that the refrigerator would also have to be a compressor and be in the fridge because we have that. Don’T look at us now, gas car so to speak. And yes, that’s that too case. So we have a compressor built in ted, ford, refrigerator Will be freezer drinks or, if you just have fruits and vegetables, maybe want to separate a little compartment in there, ok invited so it will be exciting large mirror on the right, then, a very large window in The middle: that’s!

Yes! Here we can rebuild that There was cushion over there. Still the table is height adjustable. I think one too sleeping is down there. Lowering from here on my side and the table can be retracted and then push aside.

Yes, problems. It goes out again whether it can be turned the unlocking move on each don’t turn. That’S a bit different from back to one table that we take a seat here again. Can you then sit in the front, expand area again so that you also really also hear the passengers? What we have already made a video that is the feeling of space in the four times four of over with mercedes-benz, great kitchen included, like we did have shown with diesel hob and a big helicopter in the middle, though That doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes a large picture window. What a lot light offers here, you can see it seating area, integration, a place to sleep can also be created. Here will be again for guests who travel with us a total of four seats. We are building it again around for you that one here in front how you can see the whole the sleeping area two can adapt beds, lengthways and author by markus henrichs. You then see the whole thing across the head.

You have to go a bit then watch out because the furniture is right about it and they have known – or they have quite familiar ones with. There is plenty of storage space to connect with white, and I tend to agree with the light wood as coherent ordinary, but so one leader that looks a bit like buffalo, leather and reading lamps. There you have, they have already discovered one blue light function is first completely shown, so that is sparse, night light and then, depending on how often one presses one has the three functions with a small window in it, small but nice country. Yes, i think that is sufficient is just square here in that exactly so, you have one here, too optimal overview from a great height that has already caught my eye a few inches. This thinks that you, the car good, yes, big, storage, space here, yes, yes, we have exactly at there again a small clothes rail.

That means you could then go back to any hang up or hang sweaters, that’s nice! So that’s the look, then virtually from the bedroom to the front. Otherwise, you keep the wet area, closed kitchen wardrobe, so here again wardrobe on the side by the fact that one is recognizable by the fact that one so here can get the piece out either one actually only reaches out down here. However, still something bigger, maybe hung On then, you really come from above on, so I am probably two gas pressure springs so that the whole thing remains open when you don’t stop and when you do has shifted something backwards, then it’s worth thinking about it. I already open and from behind, to intervene. Above yes, you can run it very comfortably second fabrics, yes, that also 1 illuminated and a lot of storage again in the There are stairs and a storage compartment here.

Underneath is probably that Service club only – and there is also air coming down from glass. Is this time there is a water tank, but there we still a little space for things, maybe not that difficult with that. I saw the air outlet complete. I think briefly in front against me now on the driver’s side, and that’s the biggest impression that arises when you are completely out of the corner are because it’s already neat and available space. The process shows bitter marlena, the is there and so that I can have my peace.

When I just want to sleep, maybe want to work a bit. Sockets are okay, then we come to the wet area. On the left side, big game on the right comes straight. In here I see something I haven’t followed anything else yet left and right are fully blocked so that it holds. That means you could a baby here.

The diaper change, yes and, for example, wrap exactly then again impressions north, but can also put on make-up. So could not put it up there anymore or just turn things off if prepare. Just like you say you are right, you again clothes, then the closet known that anything can be done. Here is a socket. That means I could my toothbrush right here too, put in and load it too switch for the water pump directly on bathroom on the side, a sink being able to shower and now she’s gone that doesn’t exist more on, but there is still more to come.

Could master can swivel in there be, or rather not, I think it sees so that means you can do it separate, Of course, don’t talk in this area. Look there the interview his lock first out up at the sink and even more. That will be exactly that. Relieved and there is a thick stone, but not at all. You can just now to go through here.

Only then area. I come here magnetically. If you are here now the role too, do it again to yes and then open first. Do that exactly and now it rolls then drive up as if you wanted to stays inside me just that holds. On the other hand, it goes right in there.

If you press, it would be like the lamella hold tight, and you can here. Showers also have two shower duos outlet, that is the process of the sink and other things with that sink came out good, sometimes back exciting near the front. Should work pay if you forget that should from the moment with a towel holder, So I’m excited again how many people, maybe from the rent, the then used first and then at the end of the rental with it show you there it can be opened. I agree, the rest doesn’t get, wet, nei should but actually get shown, and I think they do it because here as well as all the electrics, though you save with an instruction, but how that’s just not possible anymore, then please continue my office. The seats we have in the living room make a little sid.

It’S already there on the right side. Far back further back so, and that is the seating area turned twice. You then have one blackout curtain at the same time, also isolated and in front. There is in a circle promotion system, but with the process who once completely bypasses them once to do, and behind the seats do and enclose and still insulate. Sometimes the curtain is pretty close from and difficult.

The first time is right now. I think there were awards too, not even an official one presentation. So far we really show the car for the first time, sometimes its a bit wobbly. I play just ask me that if someone opened so i guess a drop silicone spray, then it definitely works. Definitely problem now, so when i get it, the clock also looks a bit, maybe should for closing the curtain.

Then a quick one departure is not possible. You the avalanche, is coming. We cannot leave because the process does not proceed. Of course there is. The standard equipment was a fighter, but maybe maybe even with oil love always louder.

The practical test of the curtain, not close at all, like that, the one who says I don’t want to let go may be closed. Now. A digestive system comes along too before she was, you have an advantage. They isolate again extremely now, show just now, that’s already built yeah. You would have to go over here and there again after jerking, like you said a bit silicone china, and then it should too quickly.

Look at everyone immediately, yes, no tv or why not today have no built-in so ask this positions, or this niche here would offer himself still offer himself or are we just opening up if yours, all that is already in preparation, Karl, is already at the Age of 12, volt, cable, everything is there, and that would be probably at the point. There are the operating instructions again when you, for example, don’t know how to turn on a stove solar system. Yes, a cool concept price not just seen. I think it was over 100 1164 hours that could be in altitude. There is this heater inside.

Well, even back so back again, I already a little faster, it actually is and it begins to heat. So the whole thing is also right. Just me here at 20 degrees and forever. On the other hand, cool can go right away, get out, and look up here. It is the field that is Turn the adjustment option because I am the different stalls – wastewater, freshwater, on like the 12th volt and the heating goes up like one hears notices it’s under here.

By the way one has already discovered there, it is grown. You don’t smell anything that is really interesting because many also say yes, this heating, the judge a bit. So it was just a bit of a buzz nice that i hope I have that now, cleverly dubbed the last ten minutes so to the conclusive that now A bit more fluid, I really think that plays a part, assist very virgin here, still everything so nice we’re going out mine, decide beforehand again briefly the heating off before then. The car battery is then completely gone, heating off and warm water on once. That’S it that easy. It’s the MLT 570 crossover model year 2021 with a big engine, 190 hp, and only imaginable extras inside air conditioning MDX automatic transmission, 7g Tronic with hold function.

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