The Amazing JEEP

Few FACTS about our Beloved JEEP

Jeep is a brand of American automobiles that is a division of FCA US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group, LLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Company.

Jeep is also a brand of apparel of outdoor lifestyle sold under license. hrysler Automobiles.
Brands like Jeep often sell more fleet cars to bolster their sales numbers so they can report increases every month.
Because the original Jeep often had to be shipped in crates, there was also a wheelbase requirement of not more than 80 inches, but yet the vehicle had to be able to carry a payload of 600 pounds.

While that may be the case, Jeep often comes to mind for drivers looking in the off-road segment.
Jeep often offers more powerful engines at higher prices.
With a military history and an off-roading reputation, Jeep often gets written off as a rough-and-tumble SUV.
Ok, that’s it for the fact. Stop reading and go off-roading 🙂

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