Nissan Frontier/Navara LE 4×4 Diesel

Testing the 2020 Nissan frontier plus a pickup truck.

The question of 4 by 4, a brand Japanese company also recognized for its achievements in this type of terrain, but the nissan frontier. Besides, the 4 by 4 has a series of curiosities solutions that differ it of the main competitors and in this video we ll get to know all these details.

The Nissan frontier is available in Brazil and it’s called Navara in Asia and Australia.

Configurations attack xze this one that the top of the line – l, actually ole – means limit of dition, but it is not a limited edition.

It is the most complete version of the range.

A Nissan frontier pickup has several competitors.

We know that this The market has some options, but we will list here some main ones such as example, the Toyota hilux that sells very well.

We also have the chevrolet s10, and even even the ford ranger there.

You must be wondering good, then considering volkswagen amarok and l200 in the case of l200 by the number of sales is a relatively small number in relation to these, and in the case of amarok it is because amarok is a little bit different from those other amarok Pickups she has to start a v6 engine.

None of these has a v6 engine, and second amarok has no reduced gearbox.

It has an eight speed. Automatic transmission with a permanent traction.

All, other pickups are.

Different are with traction rear with system for you to engage front wheel drive and have gearbox reduced so in this video here we will list these main ones that I said that the hilux a ranger and s10, the nissan frontier pickup, brings a series different things compared to its main competitors, which are pickup trucks averages.

And here we have to make a parenthesis because a lot of people confuse medium pickup with intermediate pickup.

The intermediate pickups, for example, are the fiat toro and god, and they are derived beyond a construction of subcompact.

Already these pickup trucks here, which are the average pickup trucks like the front.

They are pickup trucks built with cabin on chassis, so there are very different things anyway.

The front behind things here in this top of the line version that you don t find in competitors, like example, the 360 degree camera with us, see, for example, nissan qix, so it has a camera over there at the nissan symbol on the front plus two cameras Installed on the bases of the side mirrors and a fourth camera at the back of the car, she produce an image that we call the board and saw that image.

As if you had seen the car from above through the sight of a bird when you maneuver and inside this camera, in addition to you being able to have and details of what happens around of the car, when you are going to do some types of maneuver, It can put, for example, the camera just on the right side showing there on the curb of the guide, and this helps a lot huh, the main competitors. We see a more intense implementation of led lighting here on the front l, so we here is the flashlight guide, the daytime running light, the famous drl low beam and the pubmed high beacon, which is not led here, the light flashes either incandescent and the auxiliary beacon Down there that the store anyway has more led than in the main competitors, another difference from the frontier for the chains and the engine.

It is equipped with a 2 3 liter biturbo engine starting at engine, the main competitors have bigger engine.

The smaller engine tends to be more economical, another difference, it is biturbo, but the turbos have sizes different ones.

So you have a smaller diameter turbo and it is used in low and medium revs and has a larger geometry.

Turbo used for high rotations, so even at low speed, you can already have torque there and power and when you go there at high, is the turbo the which keeps all this, avoiding so, for example, leg in low rotation.

If you had a big tube that way, the pickup delivers a maximum torque of 45 9 kilogram force meter, but this torque enters sooner than the main competitors, and this translates into more agility.

Another curiosity is that of frontier in relation to the transmission.

It is equipped with automatic, gearshift seven gears, and thus it is the pickup in the Brazilian market, with the largest number of gear ratios available there.

Someone can already ok thinking.

But how did jorge say this? If amarok has an exchange of 8 and the fiat toro has a gearshift of nine, it is true, it only has one amarok detail and the fiat toro does not have reduced gearbox, so there are only those 8 9 gears here. We we have a seven speed.

Gearbox, but with a reduced gear, so you have seven gears without reduced use insect your normal.

So even though you I can’t use everything at once.

Here we have the most relationships march of the market, point that we need to pay a lot of attention here in nissan frontier is the rear suspension of this pickup, and here it has a quite expressive difference in relation to all other pickups on the market.

In the medium sized segment, we know that pickup trucks always use there.

The spring beam as part of the elastic element there, as z engineers like to talk, but the forehead was she doesn t have that spring bundle.

She has springs.

Helical coiled springs very similar to those of automobiles at difference that the spring lock is known for its robustness and resistance, but it is not very good at absorbing so let’s say.

Oscillations of the already helical spring floor is much more progressive because of this much more comfortable, so that’s an important difference.

Now there’s another thing that you are and you will find lots of information that in front of him he has a multilink suspension and the story is not quite that this truck doesn t have a multilink suspension like the ones we found in automobiles or Even in the fiat toro, which is an intermediate pickup that that independent suspension on both sides, what we have here is a rigid axle as in all other medium sized pickups. But when setting that rigid axle the bodywork right to the truck chassis instead of you having a conventional fixing, you have several links to stick the shaft because of that the axis it can float more independently, avoiding passed lots of vibrations for pickups.

Due to the rigid axle you don’t lose the resistance, but has much more comfort.

Then we have information that this pickup truck here has a multilink suspension.

That is much better than the direct competitors.

The frontier already comes with some mask equipment.

We this one is equipped with a marine canopy.

This is not the equipment for series, ok, guys.

This is a dealer accessory.

What is series here? We we have the bucket protector, the side stirrup, as you can see, and the rack Another very cool piece of equipment is the face to face key system that you you can lock it either by the key or by pressing this button here on the knob.

Only that, as you can see, he does not lift the glasses. He collects the mirrors, so the videos you have to go up inside the pickup glue on and when you unlock it either by the key or the knob on the knob.

It does not open the mirrors; this only happens when you start the pick up and between the equipment.

That is a great differential of the forehead we have here in this version the sunroof.

Moreover, the forehead – it is the only medium pickup to offer roof in the category.

I don t know at the front nissan invested lighting back here. She was very conservative.

All the lamps are incandescent of the type conventional hi people also observes 4 sensors parking on the bumper that complete the reverse camera with 360, and we still have the bucket lid with front lock.

Closure has one in stretches of three meters and 15 puts the wheelbase in the pickup, does not interfere so much in the rear seat space.

After all, who determines this is one more bucket length and every shape we have here is a reasonable space.

You can see that here the front seat comfortably adjusted for a meter and eighty person I don’t have a lot of knee space here. Up to the back.

There is still a small space.

We also have a foot movement a little limited, but this is kind of characteristic of truck.

Even what I didn t like very much was that the seat doesn t pull over right here on the stone.

It is a little raised, but I lean here it is not so straight.

It gives a certain comfort.

We can also point out that here at the door, we we have space to put in a bottle what you ml, but it has to be bottle.

It can’t be there: it’s, leaning and one more space to store in a wallet an eyeglass, for example.

In this version we still have a rest central hug with 2 can holders, and I will also highlight lighting here, independent for both the left and right sides, and there are times that neither the average sedan offers.

But here we also have the handle security on the ceiling. I can’t forget to highlight one very important thing: air conditioning outlet for the personal rear seat has a lot of car that doesn t have.

This are the pickup trucks that offer this adding more comfort for those who go back here and finally, I will still say that who goes here in the fifth position in the middle: it still has reasonable comfort because there, the tunnel back, he is very short, so The person can accommodate better this way way.

I will place the forehead here among the best in the category when we are looking at the other pickup trucks it s time for us to drive the front le, but rather our in person, key system considerations departed by button.

Doesn t have a specific place to leave the key, but it does have an object holder right here in front of the canisters that the key fits perfectly.

I will highlight here for you to adjust the seat belt height and the seat also has several electrical adjustments right.

So we have a backrest.

We have the distance of the seat, we have the height and inclination control of the seat in addition to the adjustment lumbar side here too, but we have no memory of the seat position either.

I will highlight here that only the driver -‘s glass.

We have automation and yet just to be heard that to climb horrible you have to hold on up to the top the other buttons don t have and that nissan could have thought of do a little bit better right guys.

The steering wheel, for example, only has adjustment of height. You see there is no depth by the way.

There are few pickup trucks that have depth but would end up helping here.

Also, the steering wheel is multifunctional, so I, on the left side, you have the functions to interact there with the main panel cluster.

You know that even the where you have the information of the on board computer, as you can see here, we also have here on the right side the cruise control that a lot people mistakenly call autopilot, but it doesn t have the function of speed limiter.

Just to keep speed on the road, the digital and automatic dual zone, air conditioning, so you can have independent temperatures for driver and passenger the central multimedia one of the cool things about it is that it already has gps on board and the signal it works.

Very well, this gps, big differential here of the car and the 360 camera that when you press the little camera button here, it shows you the camera here front or rear.

Depending on what type of gear you have on the side.

And then you have the 360 camera showing everything around the car comes out.

Helps a lot in visualization highlight here that there is a can holder here on.

The left side is right at the exit of the ventilation. You are cool right because if you have a drink, you want keep the water cool, not icy.

You can put the air conditioning on a little bit stronger and he will throw this directly from your can or in your bottle, for example, in front of the gearshift lever we have a object.

Holder is good for wallets on the sides here of the console.

There are two shampoos I still don’t understand what shampoo is for, because they are relatively small.

You try to put a smartphone there. It looks good, so it has to be small objects like keys and remote controls, or things like that right.

We still have a rest here, hug even more an object holder at the bottom.

We have an eyeglass holder, but this one, personal glasses holder, is for them to have smaller, glasses right.

You have those big sunglasses, but you re fine.

Here we have the mirror, even with lighting then closed, the lid you turn off lighting or the we can see. This version here has some interesting things, but ended up lacking others right like the steering wheel, depth adjustment, simple touch on all the videos.

Now, for example, it was mirror hitting is present right.

So this is something that usually is sometimes not. There is a mirror bounce.

There is every way that we can see that the set is complete, but the mission could have done a few things.

Now, let’s go to our urban driving are going to take advantage here to make our maneuver too and when we reverse the camera.

That was showing forward and automatically shows back.

We even have a dynamic guide line here.

We have sensors parking back there too, and this 360 camera helps a lot.

Just one detail steering wheel. People are very heavy in the maneuver.

Ok, I m already realizing here that the radius of turning here from the very big pickup truck, let’s test and approach the object.

We, you can see right here on the parking sensor camera it works.

Fine, now let’s go to show our destination.

Is on the ground? Let’s line up the pickup here with the coffins.

What can we say here? The pickup truck doesn t normally have insulation good acoustic, so it s inside the suspension measures.

The letter final obstacle here is a pickup truck, but the bright spot here is the softness, because that rear suspension built there with helical spring and a fixing the rigid shaft by multilink absorbs very well.

I will tell you that of the medium pickup trucks, I’m not talking about the intermediate ones. This one goes a lot well in the spine test 30 per hour here.


Well, it’s not funny right guys to stay here, as this will take the spines out of the letter here because it is made for four by four situations that are much more difficult than one. That is always bombinhas, but what we should be here is comfort, and what can I say it is not as hard as other medium sized pickup trucks that I have tested, so it can be quite comfortable now let’s see the blocret and the other two Spines for the purpose of an acoustic bearing the insulation is expensive inside that we normally find in pick up trucks and comfort.


Nissan is really to be congratulated with this suspension, because it I will not say that it is the same as a car, but much better than most medium pickup trucks.

This goes very well here on the forehead.

It passes absolute tranquility and a donation of the floor until it is well absorbed, remembering that we we are in an average truck is more vibrates more than a car, more less than that the direct competitors.

Now i will align here with the right side of the guide, but I’m going to take advantage of it and use a feature here on the camera, which is the camera showing the guide alignment part.

This is really cool because it is easy for you to see if the guide is aligned there and we’ve already left lined up right now. Let’s go here for our end of street maneuver, let’s go for the pickup.

There will be three steering wheels where even with assistance here, he is not take it a little heavy and look at people asking for it or a lot less that the 90 degrees with the cars usually saw here right.

So let’s go see.

If we will be able to do the maneuver here on the street, because I already saw that back, there even had already seen that the radius of turning diameter and her personal, the people are not even able to do the maneuver. Look at the truck already practically touched here on the other side, without being able to get there in position, we will see so longitudinal with the street that I mean by that will need very much space for you to maneuver.

The forehead here are local, tight will be a difficult task.

You maneuver with it and remembering the steering wheel is not very light.

The good part is that it has the 360 camera system and it helps a lot to find the objects in turns to get maneuver safely and don’t wait for that pick up city in small or tight places for you to maneuver.

Now we re going to do a test here, semi-urban consumption, with the pickup.

I just restarted that all the information therefrom the onboard computer – I ll even reset the time process.

He has all the information started and we will do a trip there of about 20 km from you to Sorocaba through an area without fear.

What is this a stretch of highway, but not necessarily a highway that you perform there 100 km per hour, a little city for us see? How is the frontier consumption here developing it here? A little bit more speed, as I explained to you here in the semi-urban, we can still see that the frontier remains comfortable, soundproofing again inside what we find in the pickup trucks he it is average.

I will not say that she is noisy, nor that she is silent.

It is there in the average of the board segment that we are talking about utility cars right cars for work, and we can also highlight an interesting thing here. I was surprised even has a pickup truck that when you come in it looks like you sat down there in the back sat down here on the forehead i’m, using the bench in the lowest possible setting, and yet you have the feeling of being at The top, so this is a cool thing on the forehead it doesn t that feeling of being stuck under – and god has a more nice in the posture when driving – and this is commendable in medium pickup trucks.

I will take the opportunity now to see how the truck behaves by passing a spine, then 80 km per hour.

I’ll see if the suspension holds up well, let’s go and take out the letter.

This is one of the advantages and you have a big pickup like this and as the very resistant suspension, we will check here.

How was the average of consumption? Our hourly average was 33 km per hour, which is quite a urban speed, so to speak, huh.


We only ran there 24 point 4 km.

It took us 42 minutes to use a very characteristic city and look.

We had an average of 9 7 km per liter there, considering the size of the forehead there, the weight of it.

We can say that it was economical, let’s check now speed as a function of rotation. I will put the gearshift here in sequential mode for us to be sure that it s in 7th gear set the speed here to 100 per hour, and you see we have a pretty low rotation.

I would say something in around 1800 turns we’re going to accelerate now to 120.

You can see that it doesn’t gear change when it s in sequential mode and at 120 an hour how to get it right than the 120 cert, and we have a little bit more than 2 thousand wanted him.

2100. 2200 revolutions.

The seven speed gear has this advantage: you provide a longer relationship and thereby reduce consumption and vibration inside the pickup good and in the acceleration tests here to see.

How is that? The frontier behaves in a stalled way, let s stepping up, accelerating and, and she even realizes that she sings a little bit of tire touch, is good for her and then look even though we have a limited track here.

She managed to get there hundred kilometers an hour.

We already had cars here that didn’t arrive like that.

What shows that the performance of the forehead is very good with us came here in this video. The Nissan frontier is a pick up truck with many interesting features.

Her suggested public price in this version is 197 990, which is advantageous when we look at the main competitors that generally are more expensive.

We cannot forget the technologies that we only have here as the different rear suspension.

We also have the sunroof, the 360 camera and even seven-speed automatic gearbox, which, as explained here, has the largest gear ratio there in the Brazilian market among the medium pickups of this way, it is advantageous for you to get to know the Nissan frontier pickup.

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