Ford F-150 Rebel Storm Fiberglass Body Panel Kits Preview

Transform your stock F-150 into a one-of-a-kind off road rig.

Want to customize your F-150? To be honest, I really like the way Rebel OffRoad did it. Their storm package gives your truck a unique look that will for sure make lots of people envious.
The kit fits larger tires and-or longer travel suspension and allow for plenty of more wheel travel with these fenders and bedsides. These desert racing inspired kits are currently available for the 2009-2015 Ford F-150, with a standard 5.5ft bed.
These body panels are designed and manufactured in the USA, with ease of installation and OEM fitment in mind. These panels are the only fiberglass fenders that fit just like the OEM Ford fenders. Those beautiful factory body lines will line up flawlessly with these new panels to look like a factory manufactured part only with a lot more attitude.
Rebel Offroad Storm F150
Factory headlights, tail lights and fuel door will fit with these fiberglass panels with no modification required. The fiberglass comes in a black gel-coat, ready for primer and paint. Some minimal sanding may be required. Bedsides and valance come with indents for marker lights (sold separately).
Front fenders have recessed cut outs for OEM Raptor side vents, or available STORM side vents (sold separately). Factory fuel door can be utilized with fiberglass bedsides. Sold as a kit to outfit one truck.
With everything from full fiberglass fender and hood kits to grills, to marker lights, and even wheel/tire packages, Rebel STORM has everything to turn your truck into a one-of-a-kind off road machine. Packages for the 2009-current Ford F-150 trucks with 5.5ft beds are currently in production with other models and years on the way.
Suspension packages range from a standard leveling kit, to a mid-travel coilover system, to a full blown long-travel suspension system ready for the toughest terrain on the planet.
They have worked very diligently over the last year to develop and design fiberglass fenders and bedsides that provide for the off-road lifestyle, while maintaining the ultimate factory fitment using OEM headlights and tail lights. And with extra clearance and wider stance, your truck is ready for bigger tires to hit the trail.DSC_00331887 (2)A custom steel mesh grill with STORM badges and amber LED marker lights finishes the front end of your F-150, and is the perfect compliment to the fenders and hood.
Add some finishing touches with the hundreds of combinations of wheels and tires available to make your truck stand out from the crowd, Rebel OffRoad will do it for you.
dsc_01251974 Don’t ever get caught walking up to the wrong truck in the parking lot. With Rebel STORM products, your ride is unmistakable.
Rebel Offroad Storm F150Special thanks to Rebel Offroad and their great kits.
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