How To Start Your Vehicle With A Key Fob

Know Your Toyota

If you have a 2020 model year or newer Toyota vehicle equipped with remote connect, you can conveniently use your key fob to start and stop your engine. To remotely start your vehicles engine, press and release the key fob lock button twice within two seconds.

The hazard lights will flash in between each press and release. Then press and hold the lock
button for three seconds. You will notice that the hazard lights will flash once and then after three more seconds, the hazard lights will flash several times.

After ten seconds the engine starts and the hazard lights will flash for ten seconds. Engine start will also activate HVAC controls by defaulting to the condition they were in when the vehicle was turned off. Keeping your vehicle on the auto mode setting is recommended for improved vehicle temperature preconditioning.

There are two methods to remotely shut off your vehicle’s engine. Method one, press the unlock button on the key fob. The engine stops and the hazard lights flash twice. The doors will be unlocked in this method and will re-lock shortly after if no action is taken.

Method two, press and hold the lock button on the key fob for two or more seconds. The engine stops and the hazard lights flash once. With this method the doors will remain locked after the engine is shut off. You should use this method if you have any security concerns. Please note that the remote engine starter will automatically shut the engine off under certain conditions for your safety.

A list of these conditions is available in the key fob remote engine starter quick reference guide, available in your vehicle and at Toyota websites

Before you use the key fob remote start, ensure that you are using it in a safe and compliant manner.

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