New 2017 Jeep and Mopar Concept Vehicles

May 3, 2017

Let’s Discover Two 2017 Jeep Concepts.

There’s no real debate that the Jeep Wrangler is the most popular Jeep of all time, but the Grand Cherokee can make a very solid case for the runner-up spot. The Grand Cherokee these days is more geared toward the luxury-minded outdoor lover or suburban family in love with the idea of getting away, but when it was first unveiled 25 years ago this SUV still offered features that even the Jeep purists could get behind in spite of its utility focus.

To celebrate that first 1993 Grand Cherokee ZJ unveiled 25 years ago, the Jeep team built the Grand One concept for this year’s Easter Jeep Safari, and this homage to the past comes with a pretty cool story.

Let’s begin by making you feel like an Old for a moment: The Jeep Grand Cherokee turns 25 in 2017. Bringing up the ZJ has a point—it was the ode, the inspiration, the imitation-is-flattery reason for the Jeep Grand One concept that Mopar unveiled at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab this year. Specs include an extended wheelbase, 33s, 2-inch suspension lift, locking diffs front and rear, and 5.2L V-8 hooked to a, wow, four-speed auto. The makers are first to admit the interior is throwback Monday-through-Friday—‘90s materials, a bedliner, and a phone make an appearance. You know, the kind of phone you had to mount. Here are other concept gems that might be hints of future production Jeeps as well as incorporating some concept and current Jeep Performance Parts:

 A Promising Windoors Concept:

“Windoors” is your real takeaway here (windows + doors, if you need assistance). Sure, it has the usual beef, like Dana 44s, lockers, and lift. But we’ll focus on the oddities, such as the rotated-outboard rear buckets, the clear roof panel, and the two-level cargo rack with a drone. The wheelbase has been shortened.

So are you more vintage of towards new technologies?
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